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The key objective of Voluntary Occurrence Reporting is to enhance aviation safety through the collection of reports on actual or potential safety deficiencies that would otherwise not be reported through other channels or that may appear minor, but which nevertheless can allow others to learn from the reporter’s experience and even lead to changes in procedures, practices or design.

Such reports may involve occurrences, hazards or threats relevant to aviation safety. This Reporting System focuses on systems, human factors, procedures, facilities, services and equipment, rather than on individuals.


Voluntary Reporting

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The VCAIR System covers following areas;

  1. Flight Operations
    1. Departure/en-route/approach/landing
    2. Aircraft cabin operations
    3. Air proximity events
    4. Weight and balance and performance
  2. Ground Operations
    1. Aircraft Ground operations
    2. Movement on the airport
    3. Fueling operations
    4. Airport conditions or services
    5. Cargo handling
  3. Air Traffic Management
    1. ATC Operations
    2. ATC equipment and navigation aids
    3. Crew and ATC communications
  4. Aircraft Maintenance
    1. Aircraft/engines/ components design or production activities
  5. Design and manufacturing
    1. Aircraft / engines/components design or production activities
  6. Approved training organizations
    1. Training activities involving flight operations
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Passenger handling operations related to safety

  1. Accidents or serious incidents or Criminal activities
  2. Incidents or events with no aviation safety content
  3. Personal problems, personality conflicts and industrial relation issues
  4. Legal/commercial disputes

If you belong to any of these groups, you can contribute to safety enhancement through the VCAIR System by reporting on actual or potential occurrences, hazards, threats and deficiencies in aviation operations.

  1. Flight and cabin crew members;
  2. Air traffic controllers;
  3. Licensed aircraft engineers, technicians or mechanics;
  4. employees of maintenance, design and manufacturing organizations;
  5. aerodrome ground handling operators;
  6. airport employees;

Individuals involved in general aviation

You should make a report when:

  1. You wish for others to learn and benefit from the incident but are concerned about protecting your identity.
  2. There is no other appropriate reporting procedure or channel.
  3. You have tried another reporting procedure or channel but the issue has not been addressed.

Note: It is possible that an incident reported by you is also reported to the other relevant authorities by a third party. The VCAIR System cannot prevent these authorities from taking the action(s) that they deem necessary, even though your identity will be protected by the VCAIR System.